Extra Curricular Activites

Student Management Games

AIMA conducts National Student Management Games (NSMG). It is computer-based business simulation game. Business simulation is a technique for developing, testing, and evaluating business strategies in a virtual environment before committing real money and effort in the marketplace. With the latest computer technology, state-of-art business simulations can manage hundreds of variables simultaneously and provide tremendous realism. AIMA creates business simulations using its unique and powerful software model, Chanakya.

SANNIHITH: A sports day for orphanage students is conducted by the students of PGDM and PGDITM of this College.

Every year around 800 - 1000 students from different orphanages participate in this program. At the end of each event several trophies and prizes are awarded.

Sanksriti Divas: It is an event of BIMS organised by faculty and students. The focus of this event is to maintain Indian culture and Tradition among the young generation.

Fund Raising Event: The students of BIMS organise various fund raising events to support the noble cause