Badruka Junior college for Girls (BJCG)


Badruka Junior College for Girls was established in 1994, was exclusively created to cater to the needs of laying a strong foundation at +2 level for a future career in commerce studies to serve the cause of women's education. Soon, the college gained popularity among young girls and became a reputed junior commerce college.

With a particular focus on values, ethics, and a disciplined atmosphere in the college, the quality education continued to attract a sizeable number of students every year for admission into MEC and CEP (CEC) streams. Enrolling at "Badruka Junior College," you move towards your' Dreams,' 'Goals' and 'Success' in your life.

Our Vision:

  • A leading institution offering quality education to enlighten, emancipate and empower the girl students
  • Getting the right education is the first step to launch into a rewarding career
  • Excellent academic credentials lead to a successful, bright future
  • Our Mission:

  • Striving the students to develop quality in every activity
  • Self - discipline
  • Develop soft skills
  • Diligent and ambitious
  • Intellectually competent
  • Morally upright
  • Instilled leadership qualities
  • Multifaceted approach
  • About Team:

    Under the guidance and supervision of the Secretary & Director General, the college functions as a great team while the Principal will do her best to provide each student a safe and nurturing college environment. It includes innovative pedagogy, excellent instruction, exposure to hone their skills, consistent discipline, and a caring atmosphere for students to succeed.

    At Badruka Junior College for Girls, the education is imparted by well-qualified, experienced, committed & dedicated teachers. The staff are friendly, helpful & inspire the students to bring out the best in them. Our teachers are at the forefront of technology-based teaching. Women faculty with multi-dimensional qualities and professional competencies prepare students for a range of career paths & help them to develop the skills, habits & attitudes which they can retain over a lifetime.

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