Badruka Junior College for Girls and was established in 1994, was exclusively created to cater to the needs of laying a strong foundation at +2 level for a future career in commerce studies to serve the cause of women's education. Soon, the college gained popularity among young girls and became a reputed junior commerce college.

With a particular focus on values, ethics, and a disciplined atmosphere in the college, quality education continued to attract a sizeable number of students every year for admission into MEC and CEP (CEC) streams. Enrolling at "Badruka Junior College," you move towards your' Dreams,' 'Goals' and 'Success' in your life.


  • A leading institution offering quality education to enlighten, emancipate and empower the girl students
  • Getting the right education is the first step to launch into a rewarding career
  • Excellent academic credentials lead to a successful, bright future
  • Striving the students to develop quality in every activity
  • Self - discipline
  • Develop soft skills
  • Diligent and ambitious
  • Intellectually competent
  • Morally upright
  • Instilled leadership qualities
  • Multifaceted approach

Recognition of the talent with accolades & scholarships by the college The following Philanthropists have sponsored Medals & Scholarship to recognise the academic excellence of the students

  • Smt. Late Chandrakala Badruka Gold Medals
  • Smt. Pushpalatha Prabhudayal Kanodia Silver Medals
  • Smt. Snehalata Radheshyam Khajanchi First-Year Toppers
  • Smt. Gulab Devi Nathmal Goenka Scholarship
  • Sri Ravi Badruka Scholarship for Economically Backward students
  • Sri. K.S. Anand Rao All-Rounder Trophy



Under the guidance and supervision of the Secretary & Director General, the college functions as a great team while the Principal will do her best to provide each student with a safe and nurturing college environment. It includes innovative pedagogy, excellent instruction, exposure to hone their skills, consistent discipline, and a caring atmosphere for students to success.

At Badruka Junior College for Girls, education is imparted by well-qualified, experienced, committed & dedicated teachers. The staff are friendly, helpful & inspire the students to bring out the best in them. Our teachers are at the forefront of technology-based teaching. Women faculty with multi-dimensional qualities and professional competencies prepare students for a range of career paths & help them develop the skills, habits & attitudes they can retain over a lifetime.

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